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Customs Brokerage
Importer Compliance Program
International Freight Forwarding
Warehousing and Distribution
Domestic Transportation (Interstate and Intrastate)
Bonds and Cargo Insurance




Customs Brokerage

The philosophy of the owners of MIL is to reduce the delivery times of their customers goods once the products arrives at US ports; therefore reducing the negative impacts caused by those delays. We offer our customers the most personalized service offered by our industry and utilize state of the art technology to deliver that service.

We streamline the process by having:

We take it one step further in doing our part to save Mother Earth and place a strong emphasis in creating a “Paperless Environment” for our customers and our company. We understand that electing your Customs Licensed Broker can be a very personalized choice. This is why we work so hard to earn your trust so that you can view MIL as your most trusted advisor in all US Customs related topics.



Importer Trade Compliance Program

US Customs expects that all importers place a very strong emphasis on compliance and organizing their import operations. At the time of an audit; it is the importer who is 100% responsible for all import functionalities and making sure their company is in compliance with US Customs Regulations.

That is why MIL management has created the Importer Trade Compliance Program to offer our customers our expertise in:

Let our group of trained professionals help you to achieve total compliance and piece of mind.



International Freight Forwarding

Need to manage hundreds of suppliers at numerous locations and are desperately looking for a turnkey solution that can help you make it happen? Not a problem! MIL has placed a strong emphasis in building a solid network of agents around the Globe to meet those needs. Even if you just have one supplier the infrastructure has been created to comply with the needs of all MIL customer; regardless of the volumes and/or frequencies.

With partners strategically located in:

MIL can offer their customers a vast Logistics Service Offering inclusive of:

We offer cost effective International Freight Solutions with you our customer in mind…




Warehousing and Distribution

With access to a combined 1 million+ square feet of prime warehouse space located in all major US ports; MIL has created a reliable warehousing and distribution service offering viewed by most in the industry as a reputable and personalized solution.

We offer our customers:

Whether you are trying to set up a simple turnkey distribution solution or you need access to bonded facilities across the US, let MIL draft a solution that best fits you needs. With over 15 years of combined experience in the US, MIL team of professionals can meet and exceed your expectations.




Domestic Transportation (Interstate and Intrastate)

It is safe to say that the US has the best trucking infrastructure in the world and some of the most reliable carriers known to our industry. With that in mind, MIL has partnered with all major carriers and established aggressive rates that are always transferred down to our customers as a value added benefit. MIL has contracts with LandStar, Yellow Freight, Roadway, UPS Ground, Fed-Ex Ground and many more.

With those partnerships in place Mil can offer their customers:




Bonds and Cargo Insurance

MIL has created a Bond and Insurance Department with the purpose of offering our customer’s competitive rates and superior service. MIL will evaluate your bond requirements to assure that bond amounts are in line with Customs Compliance Regulations and meet the Principal Amount required.

At no additional cost to our customers; MIL will manages any changes to our customers bonds like address changes, name change, change in the Importer Number and finally adding or deleting any other trade names that may be used by the customer.

Insuring your cargo is piece of mind and prevents short/long term losses for your business. MIL offers our customers a vast variety of cargo Insurance solutions that meet and exceed the needs of the customers. We properly evaluate your business before we even suggest what solution will be the best for you. Zero deductible policies required, not a problem and for the right price. Go to the main menu and click on the option labeled “On-Line Solutions.” Upon arrival search for the Insurance Questionnaire and give us the information we need to create the correct insurance solution